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Ok, so first of all I should mention that what I’m going to write here reflects my personal point of view, not the organizing team’s point of view. So don’t take this as an “official” statement of any kind. I won’t talk about what’s behind Otaku Festival, or about what it means to organize such an event (for us, it lasts three or four days). This post shows what I feel about the event that has just ended. (more…)









Finally, after six years of trial and error, cosplay has emerged as a distinct branch in the Romanian otaku landscape. Moreover, it seems to develop quite speedily, and, if things continue as until now, we can expect an outstanding evolution in both quantity and quality in the following years.


Nijikon 2010

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Otaku in Romania

October 23 and 24 were the long awaited days of Nijikon 2010 for the Romanian otaku community. And, as it’s the case with most of the things we are impatiently waiting for, Nijikon ended for all of us with speed light, leaving behind another batch of unforgettable memories. (more…)

I’ve just returned from A-camp 2010, zombie survival edition. I was there as a guest, so I had enough time to pay attention carefully to all that was going on around me. For me, it was the second time I attended A-camp, and I can say that in two years it improved a lot; it’s the main test for a good project.