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In explaining the philosophy of sumi-e, many sources dealing with the subject quote an old Chinese legend: An artist named Zhang Seng You was asked to paint a mural in a temple. He painted several dragons, but left out the pupils from their eyes. The Abbot asked him why. Zhang explained that if he painted the pupils, the dragons would come to life. When the Abbot insisted, Zhang proceeded to paint the dragons’ eyes. As soon as he finished the pupils on one of the dragons, it roared to life and flew away in a thunderous flash of lightning. (more…)


Nowadays, when thinking about Japan, and fashion, we are immediately thinking of Harajuku, street-fashion, Lolita-trend with its various representations, high school uniforms and, of course, the traditional kimono. But I suggest you an exercise of imagination, a travel back in time at the Heian Court, among nobles and ladies-of-the-court. The Lolitas and the school girls miraculously vanished; so did the kimono as we know it today. (more…)