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Last week, together with Cristian Botea (aka Reactive, my fellow content coordinator at Cosplay Gen) and Livia Viziteu (aka Shinju, the freshly chosen Romanian representative for EuroCosplay 2012) I’ve attended the October edition of London MCM Expo, which proved to be an amazing experience from which I admit I learnt a lot, and I’m sure as hell I want to go to the next editions too. (more…)


I’m sure many of you got annoyed at least once by the multitude of colored advertising pages that often transform into a veritable obstacle in following the natural flow of pages in a publication you like. It’s a pretty understandable strategy for a media dominated, like all else, by economic considerations. Actually, advertising is the main drive that helps mass-media exist, as it is the most important financial provider, and, without it, perhaps many of the magazines and newspapers we are reading today would cease to appear. Nevertheless, advertising money is not all milk and honey. (more…)

Perhaps one of the most intriguing branches of the Japanese subculture is Bosozoku, widely known as biker-gangs with violent behavior, who disregard traffic and any other imposed rules. Also a much exploited subject by the mass culture such as anime, manga, and movies, the Bosozoku have come to represent a veritable myth of an aspect of the Japanese contemporary society. (more…)