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Code Blue (1+2)

Posted: September 10, 2010 in J-dorama & movies

I’ve recently finished watching Code Blue. Though I usually don’t like sequel-series, this one was overall a very good show, whose second series came actually as a must, completing the first one. And I guess it fully deserves its fame among the fans. (more…)


Blue Spring

Posted: August 22, 2010 in J-dorama & movies

Definitely one of the best Japanese movies I’ve ever seen; I’ve watched it three or four times, and I liked it the same. Maybe because it’s not the average high school movie, a genre already famous in Japan. Not even the average high-school-delinquent movie. One will find neither sugary kids’ romance, nor the fake fights for friendship under the leadership of an exaggerated teacher. Instead, one plunges directly into a very dark world, from the other side of the coin. (more…)

Majo no Jouken

Posted: August 18, 2010 in J-dorama & movies

I ran into this dorama by pure chance, while browsing DramaWiki in search of something worth to watch. I read the brief summary and it seemed very intriguing: that kind of subject that can be only excellently exploited or a huge fail; so I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, it was worth all the 11 hours I invested into watching it; and this was somehow predictable starting with the opening, Utada Hikaru’s song, First Love.



Posted: January 23, 2010 in J-dorama & movies

In its Wikipedia entry, Utahime is described as “comedy, romance”. I would definitely add “human drama”. I’ve rarely seen such a simple, yet powerful story about human feelings in their genuine form, a story which conveys joy, thrill, happiness and sadness at the same time. I highly recommend this series, and those who are a little more sensitive will probably end up with their eyes full of tears (I didn’t, but I admit I bit my lip not to). (more…)