Majo no Jouken

Posted: August 18, 2010 in J-dorama & movies

I ran into this dorama by pure chance, while browsing DramaWiki in search of something worth to watch. I read the brief summary and it seemed very intriguing: that kind of subject that can be only excellently exploited or a huge fail; so I decided to give it a try. Fortunately, it was worth all the 11 hours I invested into watching it; and this was somehow predictable starting with the opening, Utada Hikaru’s song, First Love.

At the first sight, the subject seems weird and sick to say at least; the main characters are a math teacher aged 26, and her 17 years old student, who fall in love with each other. Nevertheless, the way in which this theme is approached makes the series a veritable human drama.

The heroine, Hirose Michi (Matsushima Nanako), is the typical Japanese young woman, with a nice average job and soon to be married with a man she doesn’t love. One day she accidentally meets a boy who almost knocks her down with his motorcycle. In school she finds out he’s one of her students, Kurosawa Hikaru (Takizawa Hideaki), who had changed several schools for bad behavior. The two of them soon discover that they have many things in common, such as the wish to be themselves without being forced to obey their parents’ will just for the sake of the public image. Michi and Hikaru fall in love, but, instead of being scared, they decide from the very first moment to fight for their feelings and for acceptance.

This is one of the elements that make this series so different. We deal with very strong characters who know exactly what they want and ready to make all the necessary sacrifices. Also, the story is brilliantly realistic. In my opinion, it’s very hard to make use of such a subject without making it sound ridiculous, but the director and the actors did an excellent job. Both Michi and Hikaru evolve and change their personalities through each other. She becomes a very strong woman, ready to confront her parents, Hikaru’s mother and the whole school; he understands when sacrifice is needed and has the maturity to make the right decisions.

Another plus is how fast  the plot develops. We don’t have to wait until the last episode to find out what is so obvious since the first. The 11 episodes of the series have a lot of action going on, and each episode brings a new light upon the characters. And, talking about the characters, the other characters are very carefully approached as well, each with their own drama (parental abuse, social isolation, introversion, lack of trust). Worth to be mentioned is Hikaru’s mother, Kyoko, brilliantly performed by Kuroki Hitomi. Kyoko is a very powerful character, whose obsession for her son reaches the pathologic level. Clearly not a likeable character, but a very deep one.

I can’t say more without giving spoilers. If I were to resume all the 11 episodes into a single sentence, I would say that Majo no Jouken shows how worth it is to fight for the right to wake up and see the face of your loved one beside you; for you are the one who make your own rules. Definitely a series worth to watch.

  1. Cris says:

    Oh! I never cried so much in my whole life. This series is so absolutely beautiful! I’m in love.

  2. Marie Talisic says:

    I love this tv series…I don’t know much about Japanese language but can somebody help me finding or how can I have a copy or CD of this series?…i will surely appreciate your help… I’m living here in San Francisco, USA…PLEASE!!!!

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