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This is the best J-drama I’ve watched so far. The plot is unfolding gradually, smoothly, and is quite unpredictable. The main theme is also quite unusual: rakugo, a form of Japanese storytelling dating from the 18th century, in which one storyteller sits on the stage (koza) in seiza position and presents to the audience a comical story that involves several characters, each being differentiated through changes in tone and slight movements of head or hand; usually, each story has a moralizing subtlety and ends with a wordplay. (more…)


Subjective normality

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Random stuff

Last night I had a kind of quarrel with my boss. He was obviously joking, but he succeeded in raising some question marks upon several issues. It was all about my lifestyle, my fashion sense, the theme-parties I attend and, of course, the otaku community. (more…)


Posted: December 21, 2009 in Random stuff

Asta ar fi a treia oara cand incep un blog. Si, dupa ce am esuat lamentabil de doua ori, deja nu mai pot sa zic ca o sa fac si o sa dreg. De data asta pur si simplu I’ll let it go with the flow. Aici vreau sa adun lucrurile care imi plac si sa vorbesc despre ele in masura in care o sa am timp si chef. Dar da, vreau sa fiu ceva mai constiincioasa. (more…)